Rates are flat based off of pick up and drop off locations, up to seven passengers per vehicle. Additional fees apply for extra stops or locations beyond our area definitions.

Meadow⮀Meadow $10.00

Meadow⮀Canyon $20.00

Meadow⮀Mountain $25.00

Mountain⮀Canyon $35.00

Mountain⮀Mountain $20.00

Canyon⮀Canyon $25.00

Beehive Basin⮀Within Big Sky $40.00

West Yellowstone⮀Big Sky $150

Club Rates:

Moonlight⮀Within Big Sky $50.00

Spanish Peaks⮀Within Big Sky $50.00

Yellowstone Club⮀Within Big Sky $120.00

West Yellowstone⮀ Clubs $200

Area Definitions​:

  • Meadow Area: Town center traffic light to Ousel Falls trailhead parking lot, Little Coyote Rd. and the Conoco. Includes Hidden Village and Lone Mountain Ranch.

  • Mountain Area: Any property above Lone Mountain Ranch on Lone Mountain Trail. Includes Antler Ridge, Chief Joseph and Grayling Neighborhoods.

  • Canyon Area: Any property beyond the Conoco, from Karst Loop to Rainbow Ranch on 191. Additional $20 charge anywhere past Rainbow Ranch heading South i.e 320 Ranch. Additional $20 charge for anywhere past Karst Loop heading North i.e The Inn.

  • Beehive Basin: Any property on the North side of Lone Mountain Trail starting at the summit view neighborhood gate. Also includes Sioux, White Otter Rd, Rising Bull Rd, Highpoint Dr, and Little Wolf. Additional $15 charge for Upper Beehive locations.

  • Moonlight Basin: Any Property beyond the Moonlight archway entrance.

  • Spanish Peaks Mountain Club: Any property considered to be part of Spanish Peak Mountain Club. Includes all Properties on Ousel Falls Rd. after the Ousel Falls Trailhead and before the Yellowstone Club gate.

  • Yellowstone Club: Any property after the Yellowstone Club gate.

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